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Safety is never an after thought with high voltage and high energy storage equipment. With their integral array of HVR High Energy Disk resistors, our HV Resistive Safety Groundsticks offer a secure, reliable means to discharge potentially lethal energy from HV equipment. These Groundsticks are customconfigured to your application, with voltage ratings exceeding 100kV and energy dissipation exceeding 100kJ. Our vast experience, pre-designed components and high energy resistor modeling software make it easy for you to specify a custom-engineered solution quickly and at a very attractive cost.

Determine your electrical requirements:

• Total stored Energy in joules to discharge
• Discharge frequency
• Discharge resistance (based on max recommended current and max discharge time)
• Peak voltage


Determine your mechanical requirements:

• Overall size envelope
• Probe style
• Ground wire requirements
• Optional Hard Ground hook

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