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Vitreous Enamel Coated Wire and Tape Wound Resistors

HVR offers vitreous enamel coated wire- and tape-wound resistors in power ratings from 20W to 1kW. Non-inductive windings are available on many sizes, and several mounting configurations are also available, as well as adjustable and tapped versions.
Vitreous Wire and Tape Wound Datasheet

Heavy Duty Open Wound Resistors

Heavy Duty open-wound resistors are available between 200W and 750W. These uncoated resistors have high power and high short term power capabilities and are available with adjustable taps.
Heavy Duty Open Wound Datasheet
Heavy Duty Tape Wound Datasheet

Dynamic Braking Resistors

HVR can configure resistors into a dynamic braking bank with enclosures. Braking resistor assemblies are available from 200W to 4kW continuous rated, with up to 80kW short term (5 second) ratings.
Dynamic Braking Resistors Datasheet

Anti-Condensation Heaters

Anti-condensation heaters are used to prevent condensation in enclosed electrical cabinets and installations. Power ratings from 20W to 120W are available in the standard line. Thermostats for control are also available.
Anti-Condensation Heaters Datasheet
Thermostats Datasheet
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