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The RT series of non-inductive, ceramic composite resistors are ideal for circuitry associated with surges, high peak power or high energy. They offer enhanced performance in high voltage power supplies, R-C snubber circuits, and inrush limiters. In pulsed applications, these compact resistors distribute the energy uniformly throughout their structure, resulting in low thermal stress. The result is increased reliability, and in many cases reduced size, compared to wirewound or film types. RT/RL resistors can often replace carbon composition resistors which can be difficult to source. The solvent-resistant epoxy coating allows operation in almost any environment, and the familiar axial lead construction offers convenient use.
Part Number Style Resistance1
Impulse Voltage2
L max
D max
RT818AXXXL Axial 10 to 47k 7500 2.0 70 21.0 8.1 20 A
RL818AXXXL Radial 18 to 47k 7500 2.0 70 21.0 8.1 20 A/D
1. E6 Standard values, +/- 20%. 2. In air, 1.2/50 μs waveform. 3. Free air, 40C ambient. 4. Single impulse.
(all dimensions are in mm)
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